Nearby Attractions . . .



If you have your family and friends camped around you, a good book, a fishing rod, a deck chair and a full chilly bin, why would you want to go anywhere else? But if you do wish to wander, there's plenty to see and do within easy driving distance.






Try a boat trip to the Jumping Rock on the

other side of the lake, up towards the dam.

There are several natural platforms to jump

              from - its a blast!


Located 22kms away, Twizel has shops, restaurants and cafes


Lord of the Rings Tour


Tasman Valley 4WD Argo Tours           

The Sir Edmund Hillary Alpine Centre  

Glacier Explorers                                   

Mount Cook Ski Planes (Snow landings on Tasman Glacier)  

Mountain Bike Mount Cook                     

Alpine Springs and Spa                           

Mt John Observatory (Sanctuary for the Stars)

The Grand Traverse                                 

Glider Flights                                            

Biplane Flights                                          

Hot Tubs Omarama                                   

High Country Salmon