Fees & Bookings . . .


This coming season will commence on Saturday 26 September 2020 and will end on Sun 25 April 2021.


Priority Campers are campers who bought a season ticket last season, set up their camp for the season and complied with camp rules/requirements. Campers have told us they are keen to secure their same spot each year, without worrying all year whether they will be able to, and without the need to queue at the gate.  This system works very well, so we will be running it again this year. This means that Priority Campers will have the opportunity to set up camp on the same site as last season between Saturday 5 September and Friday 25 September 2020. Campers who have purchased or intend to purchase a Season Ticket but did not camp here last year will be able to select their camp sites from Saturday 26 September 2020.
How to purchase a Season Ticket:
Please email us using our Contact Us page and we will send you a copy of the Registration Form, together with our Bank Account Details for Direct Crediting your payment.
Alternatively, you can register and pay on arrival at the camp by completing the registration envelope at the kiosk and depositing it with your payment into our secure box. Please follow registration procedure.
Sites cannot be claimed without payment being made, any sites which are not paid and displaying their ticket may be moved by us if incoming campers wish to use those sites. 
This system gives all of our campers the assurance that they will be able to enjoy their favourite site from year to year. We do reserve the right to refuse entry to any campers who may disrupt other campers, or who did not properly sort and dispose of their rubbish, or who were the cause of complaints during previous years. These campers will not be issued a Season Ticket.